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Big data of health

Rehabilitation of heart 

Breathing adjuvant therapy

Intelligent health monitoring

Xnuo International Group Holdings Ltd. is a multinational high-tech company built by and between IT elites from Silicon Valley and the team with the background of medical research from the Princeton University, and a emerging health care company, mainly involving two plates of the business scope—medical information industry and intelligent medical products.

Representing the fusion of top medical technology and top IT technology, Xnuo is never in want of former employees from Apple Inc., Google Inc., General Healthcare and Roche in the team. The idea of Xnuo is using non-pharmaceutical way to deal with 90% of health problems, employing medical treatment and IT technology to foresee more than 90% of health problems, and devoting energy to the research on the topic. Located in Seattle, New Jersey, Los Angeles in America, three laboratories for product research and development supply its users with top technology and cool products, which is vividly regarded by the industry as an Apple in healthcare. Xnuo International Group Holdings Ltd. consists of Xnuo, Mendpulses, Oxypulses, and Showpulses, and they enjoy a high reputation respectively in big data of health, rehabilitation of heart and cerebral vessels, breathing adjuvant therapy, intelligent health monitoring, nutritious supplementary etc…

In the future, in order to help people around the world improve health, reduce the risk of getting diseases and get ride of them, Xnuo will combine all kinds of global clinical needs with advanced technology together.